Still Fighting The Civil War

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 14 2011 @ 12:49pm

Tackling a segment on The Takeway, TNC debunks the myth that blacks fought for the Confederacy. Why the belief endures: 

That black people are participants in the spread of this myth doesn't mean much to me. I'm sure somewhere there are Jews who deny the Holocaust. All this says to me is that it is extremely painful–for blacks and whites–to face up to the fact that Civil War was about the right of white people to pilfer the labor of blacks. We really need to believe that our ancestors were better than this. But they weren't. And, as proven by our inability to accept the truth, neither are we.

Amy Davidson nods. Coates follows up here. Shaun Mullen is in related territory:

The great difference between the Civil War and every other war in American history is that it is still being fought, in this case by a rag bag of organizations like the League of the South that are made up of Lost Causers, delusionists who many generations on remain so willfully wrong about the role that slavery played in the destruction of their precious South.

But the beards were awesome.