The GOP And The Budget Deal

How can they possibly have come up with a proposal that only really cuts a few hundred million dollars, when they touted $38 billion and really wanted $100 billion? NRO gets queasy:

As they push a bargain that is still not fully understood, Boehner and the leadership have put their members in an awful fix with another deadline to keep the government open fast approaching. We’d vote “no,” even if we understand the impulse to move on to more important matters and to avoid a leap into the dark that might include a politically damaging shutdown. At the very least, freshmen and other conservatives should be frank about the deal’s shortcomings, refusing to exaggerate its merits as their leadership often has. The episode is strike one against the speakership of John Boehner.

Obama keeps his recovery going, and deepens the divides within the GOP caucus. Not bad for crisis management.