Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 15 2011 @ 6:41pm

A reader writes:

You wrote: "Every now and again, you see how acceptable cruelty and approved stigma is uniquely reserved for LGBT children." Ahem. Need I remind you, you once derided "LGBT" as a "Croatian-sounding acronym" and said:

Many professional 'LGBT' activists are so marinated in far-left ideology they do not even see this. That's why I don't use the term LGBT. It's crude and dumb and as ideologically loaded as the previous attempts by the left to coopt language, like 'queer.'

And just last October you allowed your readers riff at length on the "BLT community." An explanation of your change of heart on the term "LGBT," or else acknowledgment of a slip-up, would seem to be needed now.

Yes, I relented, even though I hate the term. I relented because the question at hand could actually mean the kid is gay, bi, lesbian or transgendered. And LGBT is a shorthand for that in a blog-post. On many political questions, however, this conflation is simply p.c. On marriage, for example, there is only discrimination if you marry someone of the same gender. Some bi and transgender people happily marry the opposite gender and are not ipso facto excluded the way gays are.