The Bias Against Short Men

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 15 2011 @ 2:02pm

Kay Steiger calls not dating a man because he's too short a form of bigotry:

Height discrimination seems to be one of the last socially accepted irrational dating biases. If you’re short, there’s literally nothing you can do about that. When I say that I think women who refuse to date a man simply because of his height I usually get a litany of reasons defending this position—pretty much all of which are irrational.

But all attraction is irrational. That's part of the point. The idea that we should somehow stigmatize this, that people should refer to non-discrimination rules in their romantic and sex lives, seems absurdly over-wrought. Maybe it's stupid in terms of electing presidents; but not in the world of love, which is entirely about discrimination. And must be.