Why Does Trig Matter?

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 15 2011 @ 5:17pm

Jonathan Bernstein is exhausted by the story:

I've said this before: imagine the worst rumor you've heard about this story is true. Now, honestly: does that really change your view of Sarah Palin's worthiness to serve in high office? Does it change your view of how seriously we should take her policy pronouncements?

To whom is Jonathan speaking? For most educated non-wing-nuts, at this point, this is indeed merely a matter of house-keeping – especially if she doesn't run for president. But for her base, this kind of deception, if true, would be pretty damning, perhaps the only thing that could shatter the cult. And for the media, it is a fascinating moment of collective restraint. Why is this – like no other – question out of bounds for resolution? And why is that the media's fault, rather than Palin's?