The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew mulled the problems in both Ryan and Obama's plans, parsed Obama's poll numbers, and considered what's at stake in 2012. Andrew considered liberals vs progressives, remembered He Who Shall Not Be Named by GOP candidates, and we kept tabs on the S&P with a full web reax here. Andrew raged against our inablity to stop looking at our devices while with friends, and seconded readers on Palin's bizarre birth. Roger Ailes remained creepy, and Palin's ghostwriter hit it big with otherworldly toddler stories.

Andrew countered Max Boot on withdrawing from Iraq, Andrew Exum defended cluster bombs, and the Libyan war hurts the West. Brandon Garrett illuminated why the innocent confess to crimes they didn't commit, and John L. Allen Jr. questioned the fast-tracking of Pope John Paul II's sainthood. The Giving Tree still made readers cry, readers talked smack about Greyhound's service, and Andrew didn't believe in perfection, or dieting, for God. We checked in on the Mancession, 60 Minutes exposed the story we tell ourselves about the Middle East, and Andrew wiled away time on Google Maps. Scott Adams wrestled with the real world as school's hardest subject, readers defended history, and Charles Fishman argued water shouldn't be free. Creativity flows in blue rooms, Conor and Andrew appreciated the noise in coffee shops, and Christian movies suffered the same problems gay cinema used to. Readers debated dating short men, Street Carnage gaped at a new drug that's uppers for your uppers, and Obama declared a no-fly zone for Angry Birds.

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