Adventures In Filler

The Great British Blogger, Nige, is engaged on a "tireless quest for soporific non-stories." A variation on Mike Kinsley's famous "Most Boring Headline Contest", it requires a smidgen more content. The latest is a fantastic effort by the BBC's Jenny Sims on the burning question "Cardboard boxes used to be free, so what happened?":

Now, I love cardboard boxes as much as the next man (or, occasionally, woman) – they are, in their way, perfect; if I was smaller, I'd happily set up home in one – but even I had difficulty reaching the foot of this piece. It comes good towards the end, though, when the burning question finally gets the obvious answer: People buy boxes online because it's easier – well I'll be darned!

Readers are invited to send in similar (non-Onion) examples if they come across them. Points will be awarded for hacks' herculean efforts to make these stories interesting.