Home And Dry, Ctd

A reader writes:

I read your post about your green card with some jealousy. But today my partner, who is originally from Venezuela, received his permanent residency.  This is after years of being in limbo over the HIV immigration ban and the confusion over the new rules.  We couldn't sleep last night in anticipation of this morning's appointment with Homeland Security.  We went over his interview questions over and over: previous addresses, business history, etc.  His file is about 1.5 feet high and is very confusing.  We were worried that there might have been some mistake or detail we missed.  However, when he came out of the meeting with his passport stamped, we just cried and cried. 

We held each other and couldn't stop sobbing.  We were both so afraid that he would be denied and that we would be separated.  We've been together for years.  For anyone who thinks that the gay rights fight doesn't matter, I urge them to fall in love with someone of the same sex who is not a citizen.  There is no more profound difference of rights of committed couples than the different immigration policies for straights and gays.  I never would have anticipated the difficulty of my partner's path to becoming an American. 

But now I feel as if a giant weight was lifted off of our shoulders.  I am so thankful we will continue to be together and grateful that this is all over for us.