“Like Chris Christie In A Thong”

If you like da-da fantasy blogs by mordantly funny alleged 92-year-old grandmas, this account of being on the same flight as Sarah Palin is hilarious. Money quote:

She pouted for a while and then got up to go to the toilet up at the front of the plane. I pretended to be asleep, but I was wearing my sunglasses so my eyes were wide open. Just as she passed me, her entire baby-bulge moved directly downwards about eight inches and I saw the bottom of a bright green polyester cushion (with yellow flowers, no less) poke out from under the edge of her coat.

She grabbed at it and barely stopped it falling all the way out, then tried to shove it back in but only made it worse, looked around in panic and bolted for the toilet.

Todd didn’t notice and he only looked up from his game of Donkey Kong about twenty minutes later when she hadn’t come out and the steward had to knock on the door and make her come out because the plane was preparing to land.

The Donkey Kong and the "yellow flowers, no less" are pretty inspired. So is the blogger, whose post end thus:

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