Optimum Distraction? Ctd

Screen shot 2011-04-18 at 6.04.40 PM

A reader writes:

I'm onboard with the coffee-shop love. I work remotely as a programmer, and the days I can't make it to at least one of my local coffee shops are the days that I end up depressed and unproductive (because who wants to stare at a computer screen from a one-room lockoff apartment?). I've even gotten into a routine of "going into the office." I put on a nice shirt and tell myself, out loud, that I'm heading into work. The experience is about the same as an office job, too, because I get to see the same group of folks every day, make small talk for a bit, and then get busy. Best of all, I get to avoid HR or a real dress code.

Another writes:

The best part of working in a public place is that you can't get up without taking your laptop with you. This includes bathroom breaks. No matter how distracting the place may be, distractions must come to you unless you pack up shop, which is quite a reminder that you're supposed to be working.

Speaking of distractions:

It's all very well finding things on Google Maps that are just sitting there, but it's a lot more fun find things caught in the action. Like this giant wave found breaking off Tlachicon, Oaxaca, Mexico.

I've measured the trough (about 400 ft from crest to crest) and measured the angle of the shadow. As far as I can make out, the crest must be more than 30 feet high. For reference, you can scroll up from the beach to find buildings which would be dwarfed in the shadow of the wave.

Next, I'm looking for a whale breaching.