Should Trump Be Taken Seriously?

Joshua Tucker asks:

Can anyone make a compelling argument that we should be taking Trump's candidacy seriously from a political science perspective?

My gut instinct is to go with the pack on this one [and dismiss Trump], but on the other hand since I'm throwing out the question let me at least put one fact out there: celebrities do win elections in the United States. Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger were both elected governor of California. Fred Thompson and Al Franken were elected to the Senate. Sonny Bono served in the House. Clint Eastwood was a mayor. The idea that Americans could vote for a celebrity for an important political office can not just be dismissed out of hand as an impossibility. 

Jonathan Bernstein doesn't consider Trump a threat:

[T]raditional reporters really, really, overrate the presidential chances of very wealthy people and New Yorkers. And therefore Trump benefits from a systematic bias. Now, note that hardly anyone does take Trump seriously, as it is, with that bias, so just realize how silly taking him seriously sounds after you apply appropriate discounts.