The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, we kept an eye on the growing debt bubble, ideas for how much to raise taxes, and a possible turning point in Syria. We debated Trump's seriousness, Obama performed at Clinton's level, and Huckabee threw us for a loop on taxes. The Tea Party over taxes may be on the wane, and Obama's fate may be tied to gas prices. Mark Kleiman solved Mexico's drug war, Adam L. Silverman watched our withdrawal from Iraq, and BP definitely had its eye on Iraq's oil fields. The AP hounded the State Department on human rights for Wikileaks, Andrew questioned the lack of out gay arch conservatives, and reminded us this country won't be drug-free until it's people-free.

Readers assessed Harvard's value, and you can read the Harvard Magazine profile of Andrew here. We explored deafness as an ethnicity, Dave Weigel considered capitalism in all its messiness, short men gave us their dating horror stories, and a warning, don't check your device around Dish readers. Shakespeare played with our brains, Stephen Fry wanted more joy in language, babies pay attention to "uhs," and Andrew quenched his Palin thirst with some inspired fantasy blogging. Alexis dug up an amazing account of San Francisco's earthquake 150 years ago, Alex Massie celebrated name-calling in British tabloids, and Nige documented the world's adventures in bad filler. Glenn Greenwald mastered the age gap, gay marriage matters immensely for immigrants, Kate Sheppard stayed angry a year after the BP oil spill, and Linda Holmes reconciled the fact that we'll miss almost all the great art there is to experience.

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