Will Iraq Kick Us Out?

Here's hoping. Adam L. Silverman expects the withdrawal to continue as scheduled:

I appreciate that [former US ambassador to Iraq Ryan] Crocker would like to do right by the Iraqis, I would like to do right by the Iraqis, but I just don't see any way that they are going to allow significant numbers of American troops to stay. The major Iraqi factions don't want a significant U.S. troop presence as it prevents them from settling their scores, which is what they really want to do. The Iranians that are direct patrons for Dawa and ISCI/Badr and indirect patrons to the Sadrists and the Kurds don't want it and won't allow it. They want us out of their near abroad as well. And how we've been positioning ourselves vis-a-vis the Arab Spring is making our other allies in the area very nervous too.

At some point, the neo-imperial logic of long-term bases in Iraq and Afghanistan will have to confront the 21st Century and America's bankruptcy. We should try to make the transition as smooth as we can. And when attempts to maintain a long-term presence actually weigh against a deal to depart sooner rather than later, we should drop them.