Chart Of The Day


Nate Silver analyzes CNN's new poll, which finds majority support for marriage equality. The bigger picture: 

[T]his does put Republicans in a tricky position. Their traditional position on gay marriage is becoming less popular. But to the extent they disengage from the issue, they may lose even more ground. One way to read the trends of the past few years is that we have passed an inflection point wherein it is no longer politically advantageous for candidates to oppose same-sex marriage, which in turn softens opposition to it among the general public, creating a sort of feedback loop.

If New York State legalizes it soon, and sustains it, as now seems possible, I suspect the momentum becomes unstoppable. It's hard also not to see the power of conversion stories like Louis Marinelli's. Yes, you can change your political orientation on marriage equality!

And we've already gone one round with the penis jokes, so knock it off at the back of the class, will you? But, yes, if you must, marriage equality now has some graphic foreskin.

It's a Dish twofer.