HuffPo Banishes Geoffrey Dunn

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 20 2011 @ 5:29pm

Here's their explanation for refusing to run his latest column:

"We did pass on a submission by Geoffrey Dunn about Trig, as it ran counter to our policy against conspiracy theories," Huffington Post spokesman Mario Ruiz confirmed in an email.

But the column says that Palin's version is more damning than any possible conspiracy theory. In fact, that's the column's point. And no conspiracy theory is proposed by the column – just a factual account of how the author's attempts to debunk such theories kept running aground. But even this cannot get past the HuffPo thought-police.

Now I finally know where the HuffPo ends and the Internet begins. Meanwhile Ben Smith argues against Palin's release of a birth certificate because he knows in advance that this would not stop the conspiracy theorists.

For the record, I have simply asked for some medical records establishing maternity since the day I found out about the weirdnesses of the story. If provided, I would regard the question as closed as the Obama birther certificate question. I tried to clear this up privately with the McCain campaign, but they had no clue either. The difference between the two cases, as Ben acknowledges, is that one public figure has provided easily available definitive evidence to end the debate; the other says she has – but hasn't.

And the MSM, including the HuffPo, takes the position that such evidence need not be provided and shouldn't be asked for. The media's job is to accept at face value the stories public figures tell about their lives. Anything else is impertinence.