The View From Your Window Contest, Ctd

The reader who submitted this week’s window judges the finalists:

I had a chuckle reading these. Rather eerily, three readers identified my flat and provided pictures. Two identified my bathroom window. Unfortunately, my wine bottles are aligned along the window sill in the kitchen. The winner is therefore the reader who submitted the picture below:


May I suggest that one other reader deserves kudos for building such a good profile of yours truly:

Who leaves a full bottle of wine on a window sill? Answer: Forgetful old people Beard    like my parents, and young folks, who are careless about alcohol. Well, my parents still can’t attach a digital photo to an email and would forget to send it anyway, so it must be a student, probably male, probably unshaven, probably with a sink full of dishes just outside the frame.

Student: check. Male: check. Unshaven: check. But sink full of dishes? I’m flattered they assume I can cook.