The Vacuum Trump Fills

Adam Serwer blames the GOP for Donald Trump's newfound prominence:

Trump’s candidacy is largely a problem of the GOP’s own making. It’s a symptom of circumstances Republicans have spent the last two years tacitly cultivating as an asset. Republican leaders have at best refused to tamp down the most outlandish right-wing conspiracy-mongering about the president and at worst have actively enabled it. The result: A substantial portion of their base believes a complete myth about the president’s birth certificate, and Republicans are stuck with a candidate shameless enough to exploit the issue without resorting to the usual euphemisms more respectable Republicans tend to employ when hinting at the president’s supposed cultural otherness. 

And yes, there is something strange about Rove and Krauthammer dismissing this blow-dried creep as somehow unserious. You mean less serious than Palin, whose ticket you both endorsed last time around? You endorse unqualified crazy; you'll get even more unqualified crazy. But this time, with enough money to buy and bait his way into the affections of the unhinged base.

Listening to these Republican "elites" after the last ten years on Trump is a little like listening to them on the crippling debt. They helped create both nightmares. Some of us have not developed total amnesia.