The Great Libertarian Hope

Weigel profiles GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who has been dubbed the next Ron Paul. A potential hangup: 

The problem is that [Ron] Paul still wants to run for president. At last check, his advisers said he was 60/40 on a new presidential run. He's RSVP'd to the first Republican primary debate, scheduled for May 5 in South Carolina. He has already raised millions of dollars. The last report for Johnson's PAC, Our America, reported only $205,000 raised, and most of it spent, in the last quarter of 2010.

Alex Massie endorses Johnson from the get go:

If President Johnson were to end the Drug War and that were his sole achievement in office he'd have done more good than any President in 40 years. Not since Milton Friedman helped end the draft has there been a better cause. That alone demands one welcome Johnson's decision, announced at some point today, to enter the race for the Republican party's 2012 presidential nomination.