The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew laid out a modest proposal to lower healthcare costs, we gawked at what we pay versus the rest of the world, while real Americans would rather cut defense than Medicare. Josh Marshall, Andrew and Politifact parsed whether Ryan's plan would end Medicare, Catherine Rampell cautioned us to examine what's covered by our current healthcare plans (hint: not much). Obama didn't tax himself too highly, readers came to his defense, and Avent had faith that DC will tackle the debt. The GOP's Birther problem ballooned, Andrew felt more alienated than ever from the GOP, while drawing closer to understanding Obama.

Palin plummeted in Alaska, and Andrew reiterated his respect for Trig, while still demanding some real answers. Romney cowered before Trump, we ran the numbers on Trump as an independent, and we held out hope for a libertarian candidate like Gary Johnson to end the drug war. Americans wanted limited government (in war), and Egyptians wanted an Islamic state like Americans believe in Birtherism.

Andrew reeled from the loss of two missed war journalists, Sebastian Junger honored them, and remembered how the AIDS epidemic changed real attitudes about homosexuality in America. Dahlia Lithwick faced off with Ramesh Ponnuru on the war on Roe v Wade, and David Link quelled our fears about DOMA's defense. China dominated the beer market, E.D. Kain longed for alternatives to college, and the drug war, not the drugs, caused violence on the streets. The Dish waded into the Deaf Culture wars, and readers laughed at a possible Poseur alert who loves their mobile device.  Cooked eggs helped make us fat, Andrew can't multitask when Judge Judy's on, and Lady Gaga almost rejected Weird Al.

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