Trig Again

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 21 2011 @ 11:25am

Two things: this mockery of a child with Down Syndrome is despicable. And this CNN dismissal of any legitimacy to the questions about Palin's pregnancy stories is so thin it's contemptible. And this reader explains why the whole affair is directly related to the core question we all have to grapple with when we assess public figures seeking high office – judgment:

Let us, for the moment, assume that everything Palin has said about the circumstances around Trig's birth is Bible-truth: her water broke early in the morning in Texas, she gave her speech, she flew many many hours back to Alaska, yadda yadda. Well and good.

Let's go.

#1. You are a pregnant woman. Your water breaks. What do you do?

If the answer is anything other than "get my ass to a hospital, stat," I'm going to question your judgment.

#2. You are a woman pregnant with a special needs child. Your water breaks a month prematurely. What do you do?

If the answer is anything other than "get my ass to a hospital, hopefully one with an NICU, ASAFP," I'm going to really question your judgment.

#3. Assuming the situation from #2 above, if you bypass several hospitals with NICUs, get on a plane for an hours-long flight (with layover), land in Alaska, bypass other hospitals with NICUs to drive for another 45 minutes so your premature special needs baby can be delivered in your local hospital by your GP rather than a specialist… You have no judgment.

The only options I can conclude from the facts as Palin reports them are either:

* She's dangerously stupid and/or reckless, even with the life of her own at-risk unborn child in the balance.

* She's lying about something. Doesn't matter what: could be when her water broke (maybe it happened after they touched down in Alaska), could be the whole pregnancy. But the story does not add up, to anyone with any common sense or basic concept of logic.

And the lagniappe of "demanding Obama's birth certificate while refusing to release Trig's" thing just stinks of hypocrisy.

It should have been the straw that broke the MSM's back. But they doubled down on not knowing. Because conservatives don't want to know; and liberals are afraid of the backlash for asking. Where are the journalists, one wonders?