Kevin Drum can't multitask:

I can't listen to music and write at the same time. It's too distracting. I don't comment on TV news much because I don't watch TV news. Partly that's because TV news rots your brain, but mostly it's because I can't write while the TV is on in the background. Too distracting. And when I write long form pieces for the magazine, I work on them almost exclusively on weekends. I just can't task switch effectively between blogging and article writing during the day.

The latter I get. On my column-writing day (today!), I find I have to take a mental break from blogging in order to formulate a more considered and structured form of writing. But it's also true that absorbing the blogosphere all week and being forced constantly to make judgments and take positions has sharpened my preparation for column-writing. My research is often already done.

But the only television I can't block out (and we live in a loft so there's no escape unless I lock myself in the bathroom) is Judge Judy. That voice penetrates my consciousness so profoundly, it crowds everything else out. I'm not sure what that says about Judy Sheindlin or me.