Palin, Old News?


Nate Silver measures media coverage of Palin. It has declined dramatically:

[I]f she is serious about running for president in 2012 — something that the conventional wisdom is now betting against — she probably needs to take some concrete steps toward doing so. Now that there is an actual primary getting underway, and it includes other “interesting” candidates like Mr. Trump and Michele Bachmann, she can’t count on coverage by virtue of her personality alone.

May I note, however, that even at her ebb, she is ahead of everyone but Trump and gets twice the press as Romney.

Plouffe wet dream 1: Trump destroys Romney, allowing Palin to win. Obama destroys Palin.

Plouffe wet dream 2: Romney beats Trump and Palin; Trump goes rogue as an Independent, makes Palin his veep. Obama destroys both in an electoral college landslide (see PPP on Iowa).