Birtherism Boosters

Michelle Goldberg stamps out rumors that the left is encouraging Obama Birtherism:

[I]t was the Drudge Report, not liberal cable stations, that was hyping [Jerome] Corsi’s work Thursday  with an “exclusive” titled, “Book to Reveal Obama’s True Identity?” Nor was it liberals who’ve made Corsi a star of the Tea Party circuit. And it certainly wasn’t the left that made the Arizona legislature pass a bill requiring presidential candidates to produce long-form birth certificates, or, failing that, two or more other documents such as hospital birth records and circumcision papers. While Republican Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed it, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he’ll sign similar legislation if it gets to him. Birther bills are pending in a number of other states, including Oklahoma, Texas and Indiana.

Amazingly, Drudge touting Corsi's book rocketed it to the top of Amazon's bestseller list.