Another Palin Book

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 25 2011 @ 9:32pm

Levi signs a deal. There are many more coming out, including Joe McGinniss’ and Frank Bailey’s. None will be able to avoid the pregnancy question, even as the MSM has ducked it. Which means we may still get closure. And by the fall, we’ll know if she’s running again. I suspect she is. (By the way, I did get to talk to Johnston off the record at one point. I look forward to the book and hope he tells it exactly like it was.) My preference for simply releasing medical records was also the view of Frank Bailey, one of her closest confidantes. He was, in his own words, “stunned” when he heard the news of the pregnancy, called it the “bombshell of bombshells” and, in another instance part of an “absurd-sounding storyline”. Another close confidante pushed back against the notion that Palin had advanced in one of her emails that she was “as big as a house.”

Kris broke my brief introspection when she addressed Sarah‘s big as a house comment: And big as a house … I just saw you and you most certainly are not. I couldn’t tell a darn thing.

So one of her closest aides “couldn’t tell a darn thing” at seven months. Bailey says simply: “She didn’t look pregnant,” but says he could discern a baby bump under the scarves. But when her story was openly queried, Bailey had the obvious response:

When discussing the possibility of feeding information to Sheila Toomey who wrote the ADN‘s political gossip column The Ear, Sarah suggested that Sharon Leighow feel out Shelia on it discreetly, play it by ear and clear it up if she’s suspecting anything. Then, for the second time, Sarah suggested, Heck – offer to let her see my new stretch marks to prove which Palin is truly pregnant!

While the serendipitous suggestion of viewing stretch marks was clearly not a serious proposal, it was nonetheless strange for both the disturbing imagery and a deflection from a more simple solution.

Bailey’s analysis is that Palin gave birth to Trig but was simply too paranoid and thin-skinned to put out a medical record. That is worth knowing, no?