The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 27 2011 @ 11:14pm

Today on the Dish, Obama released his long-form birth certificate, and Andrew wondered why he waited so long and of course, applied the logic to Palin. Trump got smug, Pareene questioned Trump's son's affirmative action, and his ratings slid. Andrew seconded Will Wilkinson on dropping silly restrictions, and birthers would be birthers.

Larison and Juan Cole duked it out over rebels in Libya, Assad's army splintered, and cutting the head off the snake may not be the best idea. Obama hadn't improved Muslim perception of the US, and the morality of war hinges on its success. A reader defended Andrew's rant against the Hunky Jesus contest, and readers piled on the "doctors" at Gitmo. Some Mormons exploited welfare, we explored cash transfers and paying for healthcare, and cops don't like being recorded. Krugman tracked Obama's spending, we went another round on the hell question, and vaccine denials stretched across both aisles. Governments aren't good at measuring progress by software, Alex Tabarrok filtered the gas tax, and money motivates humans, in life and in IQ tests. Johann Hari urged America to get over the royals, we oogled peens on the big screens, and Malcolm Gladwell consumes old media.

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