“Hey Miss Lady!”

Shani O. Hilton is tired of getting hollered at:

Here’s the thing street harassment apologists don’t seem to understand when they say “don’t get offended just because a man says hello to you.” It’s just plain stressful being approached by multiple male strangers — especially when I don’t know how they’ll react to my disinterest [sic]. I’ve been yelled at, I’ve been cursed out, and physically intimidated. I’ve also been wished a blessed day. But the unpredictability is what makes it so upsetting. Even as I make the choice to avoid certain places, I hate it, because it’s just another example of the ways street harassment limits women’s access to public spaces.

I have never experienced this kind of thing, and am glad to be reminded of it. There were times in the past when I even made an effort to walk near construction sites because of the hotness of some of the workers. For some reason, I was never harassed. Once, though, I got lucky (for the memoir one day, I suppose).