The Daily Wrap

Last night the Dish live-blogged news of Osama bin Laden's death. Andrew remembered all those who enlisted to kill Osama bin Laden, listed Obama's accomplishments thus far, and elected this as his greatest thus far. Osama hid behind his wife, the US buried him according to Islamic custom, and readers reflected on his death. We rounded up the full left and right reax from around the web, Heather Mac Donald waited for Obama to get his due from the right, Limbaugh praised Obama, and Dish readers were convinced it was all sarcasm.

Peter Beinart kissed the war on terror goodbye, and Trump acted like the executive he is, by bringing LaToya Jackson back. Weigel celebrated at the White House, as did the US Naval Academy, and New Yorkers persevered. Ezra Klein tallied the bill on Osama's head, Hollywood shifted gears on its bin Laden flick, and we all waited for a real photo. Think Progress tracked the new conspiracy theorists on the right, Kit Eaton surveyed the DNA science, and Christopher Preble commended the government for keeping its mouth shut.

We pondered Pakistan's involvement here, Nate Silver charted Obama's Osama bump, and we closed the books on whether Obama's a real American. Issandr El Amrani gauged Al Qaeda's growing irrelevance, Hamid Karzai seized the moment, the Saudis were mute and Iran pivoted. Steve Coll thought Pakistan too big to fail, Jonah Lehrer pecked at the psychology of revenge, and Glenn Reynolds got caught with his pants down.

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