The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  May 4 2011 @ 11:12pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew dismantled the desperate torture arguments, and heralded the NYT's breakthrough in actually using the word. Andrew backed Obama's decision not to release the photos, Palin came out swinging, and Bush made important announcements. We contemplated what happens when you cut the head off the snake, admired the photo that encapsulates Obama's leadership, and critiqued the media's coverage of the raid. We tracked Obama's tiny bump, grabbed all the info we could from Osama's lair, and Larison stood by Pakistan. Some teenagers had questions on Osama, teachers grappled with explaining it to students, DiA defended the celebrations, and Douthat argued American decline belongs to us, not bin Laden. Syria remained under seige, and Mona Yacoubian argued Assad has lost the fight. Alex Massie reconsidered our the war in Afghanistan, Andrew invoked Niebuhr on Christian forgiveness, and Bradley Manning got his clothes back.

Readers requested a ban on Limbaugh coverage, Weigel hyped the first Republican debate, we previewed Britain's vote change vote, and Joyner didn't appreciate the pundit ratings. Werner Herzog could never believe in capital punishment, the US doubled our water productivity, and Zuckerberg slimed his way out of the tax question. The South suffered economically after the Civil War, we charted the decline of the working man, and scientists weren't incentivized to make new drugs. Richard and John celebrated 61 years of togetherness, drummers brains beat our own, and we celebrated a month at the Beast.

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