The Uneducated Jobless


Yglesias passes along the above graph of unemployment rates across education groups (Ages 25+) from the St. Louis Fed. It nicely illustrates this Economist article:

The decline of the working American man has been most marked among the less educated and blacks. If you adjust official data to include men in prison or the armed forces (who are left out of the raw numbers), around 35% of 25- to 54-year-old men with no high-school diploma have no job, up from around 10% in the 1960s. Of those who finished high school but did not go to college, the fraction without work has climbed from below 5% in the 1960s to almost 25% … Among blacks, more than 30% overall and almost 70% of high-school dropouts have no job.

Ryan Avent adds his two cents.