Shades Of Red And Blue


Pew deconstructs the ideological composition of both parties. Ed Kilgore summarizes:

In general, Pew's analysis reinforces the generally-accepted belief that Republicans enjoy more ideological coherence than Democrats, but there are some pretty striking contradictions between the views of the Staunch Conservatives who dominate GOP politics these days and at least one of the GOP-leaning indie groups, the Disaffecteds, who support more government help for the needy and strongly dislike corporations. The three Democratic "types" and the Democratic-leaning indie group the Post-Moderns have significant differences of opinion on the importance of the environment and attitudes towards immigrants.

Jamelle Bouie notices that 70 percent of "Solid Liberals" want politicans to compromise while only 17 percent of "Staunch Conservatives" do:

[T]his contrast explains a lot about the current state of American politics. Republican politicians refuse to compromise because they are accountable to conservative voters who dislike compromise. Democratic politicians, on the other hand, are in the opposite position: Not only are they accountable to other groups besides liberals but liberals themselves prefer compromise.