The GOP’s Racial Tone Deafness

Andrew Sullivan —  May 12 2011 @ 3:55pm

David White won't be joining Breitbart any time soon:

[F]undamentally, I doubt if [Republicans] even think Common's that bad. He's a convenient target for a bit of demagoguing, which is even more repugnant. At least when Lee Atwater used the "Let's dredge up the 'dangerous black man' feelings for a cheap political hit" ploy, he'd choose an actually dangerous black man.

I mean, look, politically, I'm pretty liberal, so it's not like I'd ever be a regular Republican voter anyway. But shit like this is what prevents me from even getting to the point where I'd give their policies a fair hearing. And I know there are some Republicans and conservatives here, and I say that you have no chance of getting any kind of support from black voters as long as the leaders of your party are pulling these kinds of stunts.

TNC expands on White's point. Jon Stewart is spot on as usual. A reader asks, "Are conservatives really attacking the guy who made this commercial for The Gap?" Yes, sadly, they are. And like the lie that torture gave us bin Laden, so the meme that Obama hates white people and is really a street thug just needs constant small misleading headlines to create an enduring impression. It's called propaganda. And it's what Ailes does best. It's just that he keeps confusing it with journalism.