The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew rejected Marc Thiessen's claims about torture, torture apologists weren't eager for more information, and Santorum accused McCain of not understanding how enhanced interrogation works. Andrew critiqued the moral certainty of famous people defending their indefensible friends, dissed the perp walk, hesitated to glean a message from Trump's almost-run and dismantled Newt as a thinker. Bernstein compared Pawlenty to Dukakis, Jon Huntsman sounded sane on climate change, and David Brooks the meme ducked Newt. Michael Grunwald invested in Santorum, and Andrew singled out Palin's still strong poll numbers. Andrew ogled Marine on Marine combat, Glenn Beck filled Huckabee's crazy pro-Israel vacuum, and a reader identified Obama as a third culture kid.

The GOP hugged uncertainty on the debt ceiling, and Andrew Sprung solved the debt problem in the shower. Bruce Bartlett blew our mind on the amount our taxes would need to be raised to pay for what's been promised, Annie Lowrey likened the debt ceiling to the appendix, and Reagan remained sane from the grave. Seconds count for nuclear arsenals, size matters even for babies, and by the year 2100 more than 20% of the population will be over 65. More gifted readers weighed in, Andrew sized up a new CPAP, Seth Godin imagined the next libraries, and DNA got all poetic. Andrew remembered the days of Magic Johnson's HIV announcement, John Gray nailed the creationists' mistake, and Stephanie Pappas explained why we think the end is always near. Suketu Mehta praised New York's diverse caste system, and bears slept with dogs.

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