The Weekly Wrap


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Today on the Dish, Andrew proposed a theory about Palestinian statehood and European opinion, and Goldblog chastised Netanyahu for disrespecting Obama. Larison skewered the neocon ratchet, Freddie deBoer exposed their religious hypocrisy, and Andrew refuted the Romney doctrine. Yossi Klein Halevi nailed how Israelis are torn, violence didn't abate in Syria, and you know it's bad when Romney loves Israel more than Abe Foxman.

Andrew sounded a cheer for Huntsman 2016, Doug Mataconis schooled Ron Paul on Jim Crow, and Manzi defended the French view of sex. Endorsements may matter more than polls, and readers advised us not to underestimate Rick Perry. Everyone rations healthcare somehow, but Medicaid covers a huge number of children. The gay marriage tipping point toppled over, a sports announcer came out, we considered sports, gays, and bullies, and divorce rates were declining. Gregg Easterbrook concentrated on reducing methane emissions to stop global warming, private prisons failed, and we revisited the most infamous perp walks.

We eagerly anticipated the Rapture, which is the only way Newt might win, and jammed out to the Apocamix. We translated Brit-speak, contemplated people who lie about STDs, and Andrew gave a shout-out to the courage of Parker and Stone. The brain is named after genitalia, and America felt fiscally conservative and socially socialist.

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Thursday on the Dish, we previewed Obama's Mid-East speech and live-blogged it too. The right accused Obama of destroying Israel for mentioning the 1967 borders, while also calling him a neocon. Serwer argued until the Israeli Palestinian issue is resolved, opinion of the US won't change, and Israel responded with new settlements. Andrew argued that Catholic Bishops should deny Santorum Communion, and suggested O'Reilly move to Britain, and the U.S. finally imposed sanctions on Syrian officials but it may have been too little, too late.

We checked for a pulse on the Ryan budget, Frum grasped at some measure of fiscal conservatism, and Drum signaled the Tea Party might be over. Felix Salmon proposed not paying Congress to solve the debt ceiling crisis, and Palin finally weighed in on Gingrich and "indebtness." Readers pushed back on Andrew's fascination with a faked birth certificate, and Andrew wasn't buying Palin's campaign "strategy." Romney emerged as a front-runner, Nate Silver hoisted Rick Perry's chances up, but Texans weren't believing it.

Serfs are better off renting, taxing driving is the same as taxing gas, and DSK's actions could mean a rise in anti-immigration sentiment in France. Protestants and Catholics pulled away from Christianists on marriage equality, and Cheryl Thomas applauded the US for our legal repercussions for rape. We revisited the linguistic implications of Timberlake's Superbowl boob moment, marveled at disease and DNA, and Mormons went wild at their own beach week.

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Wednesday on the Dish, Andrew raised an eyebrow about how Arnold managed to hide a 14-year-old child, and marveled at a faked birth certificate. Readers reacted to defending elite friends, and Andrew sympathized with children of unknown biological fathers. Andrew felt ill listening to John Yoo moderate a panel on torture, and juxtaposed Orwell's 1984 with Santorum and Marc Thiessen. Dorothy Parvaz recounted her time in a mini Guantanamo, and Andrew nailed Obama's Osama intentions in 2009.

Newt nosedived, and Fallows begged the press to ignore him. Wilkinson believed in Romney, Palin solicited money for her PAC, and Bachmann befriended Christianist heavy metal drummers. We sized up Rick Perry, Palin's ethics advisor got stripped of his law license, and Larison called Bachmann the anti-Romney. Frum tackled healthcare, Douthat weighed in on the Gingrich/ Paul Ryan schizm, and social security accounts for over 90% of income for a third of people over 65. Glenn Greenwald sighed over spouses deported, Alex Massie yawned at the Queen's visit to Ireland, and we picked apart third culture kids.  Doctors don't love autopsies, David Brooks dropped in on "Scream", and climate science nerds exacted their revenge. Serwer approved of funny women, Yglesias approved of repatriating  t-shirts, and Andrew celebrated the San Francisco Giants' "It Gets Better" video. Books went viral, gifted readers filtered their G&Ts, and Jesus had a problem with moderates.

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Tuesday on the Dish, Andrew rejected Marc Thiessen's claims about torture, torture apologists weren't eager for more information, and Santorum accused McCain of not understanding how enhanced interrogation works. Andrew critiqued the moral certainty of famous people defending their indefensible friends, dissed the perp walk, hesitated to glean a message from Trump's almost-run and dismantled Newt as a thinker. Bernstein compared Pawlenty to Dukakis, Jon Huntsman sounded sane on climate change, and David Brooks the meme ducked Newt. Michael Grunwald invested in Santorum, and Andrew singled out Palin's still strong poll numbers. Andrew ogled Marine on Marine combat, Glenn Beck filled Huckabee's crazy pro-Israel vacuum, and a reader identified Obama as a third culture kid.

The GOP hugged uncertainty on the debt ceiling, and Andrew Sprung solved the debt problem in the shower. Bruce Bartlett blew our mind on the amount our taxes would need to be raised to pay for what's been promised, Annie Lowrey likened the debt ceiling to the appendix, and Reagan remained sane from the grave. Seconds count for nuclear arsenals, size matters even for babies, and by the year 2100 more than 20% of the population will be over 65. More gifted readers weighed in, Andrew sized up a new CPAP, Seth Godin imagined the next libraries, and DNA got all poetic. Andrew remembered the days of Magic Johnson's HIV announcement, John Gray nailed the creationists' mistake, and Stephanie Pappas explained why we think the end is always near. Suketu Mehta praised New York's diverse caste system, and bears slept with dogs.

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Halong Bay, Vietnam, 12 pm

Monday on the Dish, Andrew expanded on DSK and men who abuse their power, and argued HIV treatment is prevention. Newt kneecapped Paul Ryan and played the race card, and readers weren't forgiving Newt, even with his daughter's defense. Andrew nailed Newt as a self-important idiot, and picked apart Panetta's letter to McCain on torture. Gary Johnson kicked off his YouTube campaign, Nate Silver tracked Iowa numbers without Huckabee, and we surveyed the full 2012 tea leaf readers. We hit the debt ceiling, feared for the recovery, and parsed why the Republicans are toying with default. Comparing slavery to anything but slavery didn't strike us as right, rich Republicans needed gay marriage in New York, and readers piled on George W. Colbert played with PACs, and Trump grasped at the last straws of his celebrity. 

Israel faced an Arab Spring, Beinart nailed the way forward for Zionism, and Andrew pushed Netanyahu towards being on the right side of history. Gifted kids weren't getting more gifted (but readers stood up for them), we feared all the wrong things, and the NYT had a history of being deferent to the US. Dan Savage couldn't understand his status as an icon, and Sarah Palin ruined the career of Sarah Palin. Alan Jacobs didn't consider Twitter is a popularity contest, Kindles don't make for great study buddies, and email footers aren't legally binding. Lost endings were unearthed, we raised a glass to healthy drinking, sequels soared, and Nicola Twilley sopped up our coffee shirt stains.

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