The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  May 23 2011 @ 11:17pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew struggled to find an answer to the Medicare morass, and disagreed with the gay left's version of history that insists on otherness. We parsed Obama's AIPAC speech, Goldblog got called a gay Nazi, and AIPAC came out against even-handedness. Andrew dismissed Netanyahu's hissy fit with this November 11 joint statement that mentions the 1967 lines, China was more courteous than Israel, with more analysis here.

Tim Pawlenty played an exciting candidate on TV, birthers set their sights on Jindal and Rubio, and the Brits had a field day with Sarah Palin's Alaska. Jonathan Cohn sized up the field like an investment market, Fallows outed Huntsman's pro-Sarah speech, and Steven Taylor wasn't seeing a weak roster similar to 1992's Democratic offerings. We kept tabs on NY-26, and Frum wondered how Romney was going to woo Roger Ailes. We cataloged Minnesota's marriage escapades, sniffed out DSK on the dress, and questioned Boehner for playing chicken with the debt ceiling. Readers weighed in with anti anti-Rapture defenses, and some perspective on Rick Perry and his trans-vaginal ultrasounds.

We unpacked a Chicago school's ban on lunch from home, the world food crisis loomed, and China's food prices spiked. Poor children suffered from the stress, headache medicine is restricted to small doses in England, and dogs can't return to the wild. Molly Fischer defended menial internships, Russian humor amused us, and bureaucrats suffer when they don't align with Congress. Readers attacked the dull blade of Occam's Razor, the Boston Globe used to break news on a giant chalk board, and sociologists don't have a monopoly on the human condition. We pondered what it means to believe something, and customers tweeted their complaints at brands. Jersey Shore got the Oscar Wilde treatment, the Fascinator pulled in a cool $130K, and all roads lead back to the Pet Shop Boys.

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