The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  May 24 2011 @ 11:19pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew fired back at BHL's defense of DSK and the rich in general, and marveled at the power of the pro-Israel lobby. Andrew crystallized what he meant by the gay left, David Samuels decoded Obama's sneaky plan for peace, and P.J. Crowley urged Obama to pull troops out of Iraq. Charles Kenny wasn't convinced faster internet helps international growth, college graduates didn't regret going, and crime fell despite the recession, maybe due to anti-lead policies, while readers fleshed out other possible reasons. Cities paid for ridiculous slogans, and a huge prison break may be on the horizon, which may be a good thing since harsh sentences aren't effective.

Weigel made the case for Pawlenty, who refused terminally ill cannabis treatment, but he couldn't top the frontrunner with no interest in government. Sarah Palin persecuted a neighbor with lemonade stands, and David Brooks avoided Newt because of "pulsing waves of cerebral activity." Michael Grunwald feared the GOP's extreme candidates, Romney reminded voters of the boss who fired them and hoped that Palin runs. A prankster cold-called voters for the enemy, the DNC ramped up attacks on the GOP for letting the auto industry die, and Pawlenty's blue collar roots led nowhere. Huntsman managed to be with the GOP in policy but moderate in argument, and Nate Silver warned Republicans about jettisoning the Ryan budget.

Andrew revealed his take on the Rapture, readers contemplated the new Rapture date, and the apocalypse came to Joplin, Missouri. Gay military men mimicked normal composures in DADT briefings, and marriage equality happened at sea. Circumcisions could make it to the Supreme Court, beards could save the planet, Obama traveled through time, and Red Bull created Austria's richest man. 

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