So I’m Allergic To Wheat!

Andrew Sullivan —  May 25 2011 @ 10:36am

This is probably TMI, but I've had a recurrent itchy, mild rash for a while now. At its worst, my whole back was a bumpy, red mess. I tried everything but nada. Eventually I went to an allergy specialist and took a test. The good news is that I'm pretty safe from sea-food, so that embarrassing episode years ago at Magdalen College High Table was probably nerves. (Yes, I ran down the medieval hall puking just outside the old oak doors down into the cloister. Lovely.) But the allergy that leapt out at the doctor was wheat. Not gluten. Just wheat.

So my breakfast and Daily Show snack is a goner. No more shredded wheat and raisins (I'm mildly allergic to grapes as well). No more – and this is gonna hurt – pre-blog Ginger Snaps. No more wheat toast. No pasta. No cake or muffins or, gulp, petite vanilla bean scones. In fact, no more morning scones and coffee at my favorite deli in Provincetown. No more pizza.

I'm also allergic to seet chestnut, white bean, coconut (but they were my favorite M&Ms!), cabbage or dill. How will I survive without cabbage?

That was a joke.