From April 8 To April 13

The amazing pregnancy of Sarah Palin – in photographs, in a major push from those still on the Trig-trail. All the photos and video-stills have been around for a while, except one new one from behind, from March 27. Laura Novak, in conversation with Brad Scharlott, whose paper on press response to the story, jumpstarted the whole debate again, is beginning to lose it:

The first thing I notice is that Mrs. Palin appears wider in March than she does in April. But playing the contrarian here, I’m going to say that’s just angles and lighting.

But also (too) in March, Mrs. Palin appears to have, as crazy as it sounds, a bulge in her upper back. And worse still, a light stripe down her back, just along her shoulder blade. As if she had a bullet proof vest or something ELSE PADDED on underneath her black suit. Again, I recognize that I have a tendency to SHOUT a lot during our conversations. But you see, I feel as if I’ve just fallen down a rabbit hole and I want to make sure you can HEAR ME because these photos are freaking me out. And I just want someone to Make.It.Stop.

Jesse Griffin piles on.