“She Is A True Hero”

An Iranian reader writes:

Nasrin handcuffedThe attached pic is from this weekend. Nasrin Sotoudeh, perhaps the most famed female political prisoner in Iran today, was brought to court from jail after almost a year of being kept in a cell in Evin Prison. She was thrown into jail because she was one of the few lawyers left who bravely risked her freedom to defend political prisoners. (President Obama mentioned her in his Persian New Year msg in March as an example of the regime's oppressive nature, and she just won the Freedom award of US PEN.)

She has resisted torture, gone on hunger strikes time after time, and even refused to appeal her insane 11 years jail sentence to showcase the injustice in Iran. Her husband, Reza Khandan, was in the court while she was ushered in and this pic of her with handcuffs hugging him has already turned into a symbol of resistance by the Green movement and Iranian women. She is a true hero.