All About Sarah

A reader writes:

My teen kids went to a party Saturday and among the gossip they brought home was the tale of a very popular girl who approached a boy who it is common knowledge is crushing on her and encouraged him to think she was going to make his dream come true. Then, in full view of onlookers, she pivoted away with a cruel “JK” (just kidding) and laughed at his gullibility to the amusement of her exclusive clique.

I wondered to myself what kind of person does that?  Then I saw the coverage of the press following Palin down the rabbit hole.  Some mean girls just grow up to punk bigger prey, I guess.

Another reader elaborated on the "mean girl" comparison a while back. Another writes:

Palin stopped in Philadelphia yesterday for a quick jaunt to the Liberty Bell (because nothing honors the founding of American democracy like a quick photo op). Her family's personal, PAC-sponsored, no attention-seeking RV was parked near my husband's office. It was being guarded by Philadelphia police officers. And the street on which it was parked was closed off to all local traffic. If you've ever been to Old City, you might understand just how inconvenient such a closure, however brief, can be. Surely it was a minor concern when ensuring the intensely private family has some quality time soakin' up the history. All in all, I'd say it was an excellent use of already strained municipal resources.

Politico reported that Palin was "mobbed" by crowds of supporters and media. It should be noted that the Liberty Bell is located in a complex directly across from Independence Hall in the heart of Old City. This time of year, large groups of tourists, school field trips, etc. swell the already crowded area. Just as half a million bikers did not turn out on Sunday to support Sarah Palin (nice try though on her part), crowd estimates at any of the sites she visits don't reflect her popularity.