Another Tragedy In Tehran

An Iranian reader writes:

I woke up to the horrific news of Haleh Sahabi. I knew her personally. She was in jail to serve a two-year sentence because she gave BBC Persian a call on the day of Ashora protest and described the scene of the police car running over protesters.

On Monday her father, a prominent opposition figure, died at age of 81 while she was in jail. They gave her a few days of leave to attend the funeral. But, as it has become an ugly tradition since the birth of the Green Movement, the regime, very fearful of funerals by political figures turning into mass protests, send agents to take the body of the deceased away so the funeral would not go for long. When Haleh Sahabi protested the attempt by the security forces to take her father's body away this morning, the response was severe. They beat her up in front of everyone, and she falls and dies instantly due to a very strong punch to the stomach. Here is the Guardian's report (there are already calls for mass protest in response).