The Right And Palin

This is a classic:

So with the Palin-Trump summit meeting, we got an indication of who she is — and, I hasten to add, it’s not only a negative indication, even for those of us who are unimpressed with Trump. Sure, on the negative side, she’s saying, I’m impressed with Donald Trump. Not a good sign in a potential president. But, on the positive side, she’s saying, Yeah, I’m impressed with Donald Trump — you got a problem with that, Mr. East Coast MSM Intellectual? And that, I think, shows a level of comfort with herself that we would like a president to have.

On balance, the fact that she likes Trump makes me less likely to support her. But she’s being true to herself, and helpful to the electorate, by being straightforward about who she is and where she’s coming from. And in politics, that’s no small thing.

So all is forgiven as long as she is telling "Mr East Coast MSM Intellectual" where to get off. That presumably includes George Will and Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg and Ross Douthat and anyone with a brain and a conservative political disposition. This is not a politics. It's an attitude. And there is a distinction between an intellectual who grasps some core elements of the conservative disposition and those who really do think their solutions are always preferable to others less educated than they are. Palin is undoing the legacy of Buckley. While NRO finds specious reasons not to oppose her with the tenacity and clarity the magazine once mustered against charlatans and populists of her ilk. The best you'll get is Jonah.