Is Pinocchio Perverse?

Maggie Hames is taken aback by the Disney classic and the fact that "there is no kid-friendly, understandable context for characters’ evil actions nor is there any justice or comeuppance for the wicked." Here she uses the example of “bad boys” on Pleasure Island (or, as she calls it, Entrapment Island) who are tricked into misbehaving and then punished for it by being turned into donkeys:

As the boys’ crimes were smoking, drinking, and playing billiards, the sarcastic message seems to be, “You REALLY have to wait until you’re twenty-one to do these things or—trust me—you won’t like the consequences.” But in truth, it again feels more like every parent and child’s worst nightmare of abduction and permanent disappearance, the boys literally silenced as they weep for mother and plead for mercy. Once more, the context and circumstances of the abuse are allegorical, deeply cynical, and not easily understood by a child. Even an adult could find these scenes haunting.