Quote For The Day II

"Diaspora Jews no longer have the option of not taking a position on Israel’s policy, because silence has also become a stance. The supposed “big tent” organizations and especially AIPAC are responsible for that. On one hand, AIPAC has presented itself as the voice of Israel’s supporters in America. On the other, its positions are distinctly hawkish. It has put its energies into restricting or foiling U.S. relations with the Palestinians, not into supporting peace efforts (as I described in greater depth in this 2008 article). It has been far warmer to right-wing Israeli governments than to dovish ones.

American Jews can actively support AIPAC, or groups to its right such as the ZOA, or more dovish organizations such as J Street. Saying nothing, however, is likely to be misread by politicians, and by lazier political reporters, as tacit support for the AIPAC position," – Gershom Gorenberg.