The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #53


A reader writes:

I’m guessing that’s the central coast of California, maybe a bed and breakfast up on the hill above Monterey, California, with its Monterey Cypresses and Spanish tile roofs. (But it’s all romance and projection; I’d sure love to be there right now with my wife.)

Another writes:

Definitely Caribbean. I’d like to think this is from Jack’s Hill or any hill that circles the Liguanea Plain on which Kingston is built.  Kingston and St. Andrew are like Manhattan and the Boroughs of NY.  Most business and residences are in St. Andrew and those poles seem like the newer utility ones replacing wood.  Even the statue in the garden could belong to one of few Catholic families in the island! The white patch could be another residential development, and farther in the distance are St. Catherine’s hills and the  in-between swampland of Hunt’s Bay/Caymanas.


I was about to give up on this one.  Then I zoomed in to 16,000x on the patch of ocean and spotted a rare whale that only lives off the coast of Samana, Dominican Republic. Please send me my book before I leave on summer vacation.


This photo immediately reminded me of Monteverde, a small town in the mountains in Costa Rica.  While this photo seems like it could have been taken anywhere in South or Central America, the simple roof of the building and ocean view reminds me of my time in this beautiful, small town in Central America. Best vacation I ever had.


I think the view is located in northern Martinique, maybe looking down over Sainte Marie from the west? Do you need a street? Maybe Chemin Rural de la Ferme Saint Jacques, though that’s just a guess. I like this contest, but boy I hope future ones are easier!

They will be. Another:

This may be a bit of a wild guess, but it reminds me of the hills overlooking Kyrenia (Girne in Turkish), Cyprus. I was with a British Greek-Cypriot visiting the village her refugee parents came from before the Turkish invasion. She had subsequently married an American and travelled under his name (travel restrictions for Greek Cypriots have been loosened more recently but back then she had to pretend to be a casual British tourist). The red roof tiles look right and the elevation of the hills close to the coast is about right, but knowing my luck it’s probably on the other side of the world!

It’s the correct side. Another:

I’m reminded of the oceanside red roofs I saw in Haifa, Israel.  Haifa, home to Bahai Gardens, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. (Israel really is the land of milk and honey.)  Many of the roofs I saw, however, were lined with barbed wire.


This pic screams Lebanon to me (but watch it be northern Israel). I don’t know how to do those google image searches, so I’ll let someone else explain the bricked arches (which I’ve never seen in Lebanon, and probably are more characteristic of Roman engineering). Nonetheless, I picked Jbeil as a gamble due to the relative proximity of the mountain foothills to the coastal plains.  (Now the husbear is saying it’s probably western Mexico, I better click send…)


Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy? The trees look like Calabrian pine and eucalyptus, and the view could be of Sicily across the Strait of Messina. Wrong or right, I have learned some fascinating things about Mediterranean conifers!


I’ve been studying the weird ways that people figure out the location, so this week I decided not to focus on the lovely red-tiled archways, but on something mundane. So, how ’bout that stupid utility pole! That led me to discover that concrete utility poles are used in southern Australia because of termite problems, and – lo and behold! – they have an actual name – Stobie poles (named after some guy named Stobie obviously). So, I’m taking a stab at Adelaide, somewhere high looking down on somewhere low on the coast. I’m sure I’ll lose, but thank you for the education in concrete utility poles, just what I needed.

Speaking of weird ways:

VFYW 6-4-2011 rabbit

This one seemed to be devoid of useful clues until I spotted the Wasilla Pine Nut Rabbit on his way up the tree to harvest some pine cones for some pesto.  Native to Alaska, the rabbit has apparently been brought to the Northwest coast of Italy and my guess is that this shot was taken from the winter home of Sarah Palin.

By the way: Happy one-year anniversary!

Cheers!  Check out the first contest here. Another:

OK, you finally outdid yourselves. I’m participating because I sincerely believe that, beyond the fact this looks similar to the south coast of Spain, I doubt there is a single reference point that can be used to place the picture anywhere. I believe I am letting my eyes trick me when I think I see the African mountains beyond the sea, but that’s the only useful thing I could see, so I’ll risk a bet and go for Getares, close to Tarifa, in the south end of Spain.

In the right vicinity. Another:

Marbella, Spain, for no particular reason.  It’s just too difficult.


In an unusual showing of self-discipline on my part, I’m going to repress my prevailing impulse to scour up and down the numerous unknown, but potentially correct, coastlines and instead simply send you my most immediate Gut Feeling, reinforced with only the most general and precursory glance at Google Maps. My goal is not to win, but to merely be mentioned amongst those happy few Near Misses Below the Fold. I realize, of course, that I’m risking landing amidst those miserable Geographically Obtuse Above the Fold, but that’s the paradox of this irresistible hell which is VFYW.

Here goes nothing (and everything): Mediterranean-looking water, climate, and vegetation, mountains opposite – somewhere in the mountains just outside of Marbella, Spain.

After several recent contests containing razor-thin victories and difficult means to determine them, it’s refreshing this week to have an unambiguous winner – the only reader to guess the correct country, Portugal (specifically Pe da Serra, near Sintra):

If this isn’t the most difficult yet, I will eat my shoe. Therefore, I stand a chance against the VFYW pros. This screams Portugal and the Algarve. Slightly uphill from a beach city in the blistering sun, to the northwest. I’m guessing Pinhal, Portugal (looking down on Albufeira).

Greetings from Heidelberg, Germany, where last month while I was eating lunch in the canteen some stranger came up to me and said while pointing at my T-shirt: I read the Daily Dish too! Never was I more proud of my blue ‘Of no Party or Clique’ outfit.

And now he can add a window book to his collection.