Helping Amina, Ctd

Could the story be a hoax?

NPR’s Andy Carvin and the New York Times’ Lede blog raised questions over Ms. [Amina Abdallah] Araf’s circumstances, as nobody has been able to verify that they have in fact met Ms. Araf in person and that she is in fact behind the blog “A Gay Girl in Damascus.”

And that photo we posted yesterday isn't Amina after all:

The photos are of Jelena Lecic, who lives in London, according to publicist, Julius Just. A press release he distributed includes a photo of a woman who he says is Ms. Lecic, who appears to be the same woman in the photos accompanying stories about Ms. Araf. Mr. Just said Ms. Lecic’s ex-husband contacted him when he saw that the photos circulating of Ms. Araf were in fact of his ex-wife.