The Profound Unseriousness Of Tim Pawlenty, Ctd

New York's guardian of (for the most part) thoughtful conservatism, City Journal, piles on:

As for federal spending, Pawlenty has set an ambitious target of capping it at 18 percent of GDP (the current CBO baseline would put us closer to 24 percent in 2020; the Ryan budget backed by most House Republicans is over 20 percent for that year). Even if we managed to hit that number, Pawlenty’s tax plan would leave us with an unacceptably large structural budget gap—over 3 percent a year. It’s hard to imagine any situation where a federal tax code that collects less than 15 percent of GDP is sustainable.

So we have someone trying to be the moderate candidate and he proposes something even more fiscally reckless and unrealistic than Paul Ryan. This is not a opposition party as such. It is an alternate reality party – as the country faces a well-nigh unprecedented fiscal crisis, precipitated by the last Republican administration's "deficits-don't-matter" recklessness.