Trig Crack Of The Day

Corn has a good write-up on the first details from the redacted Palin emails. Palin took only two days off to have a premature child with Down Syndrome; she was even signing bills the alleged day of Trig's birth:


The original letter about Trig that she wrote in God's voice is a little longer in the original. Here's what Palin did not include in the book. On the one month pregnancy:


The whole letter is so odd. Meanwhile, the Washington Post notices Palin's frantic concerns about rumors that Trig was not her biological child as far back as March 2008. The Post says that there is "overwhelming evidence" that Trig is Palin's biological son. But for some reason they do not elaborate. The decisive evidence would be medical records of her pregnancy which her former aide Frank Bailey favored releasing, and which Palin has publicly claimed she has released. She has not.