“Texting While Male”

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 13 2011 @ 4:51pm

A reader writes:

Andrew, it’s a rare woman who understands the male sex drive accurately. You sense this gulf even in your first adolescent approaches to girls, if that’s who you want to approach. And because testosterone is so terrible in its commandments and threatens all the time to make you look shitty, and because women obviously just don’t get it – well, what’s the point in even trying to explain? My best guy friend and I have talked about how we can’t even be completely honest about our sex drives to our experienced, sensitive, female psychotherapists, because at the first step in that direction we feel like we’re being regarded as monsters.

So “texting while male” is really the perfect diagnosis of Weiner’s behavior. But don’t expect it to carry very far with those who don’t already know what you’re talking about.