The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 13 2011 @ 11:28pm

Today on the Dish, we live-blogged the first GOP debate, with the full web reax here. Andrew scrutinized the super-relaxed emails Palin sent on the day Trig was born, and decoded the divine prescience of Sarah Palin, who wrote in the voice of God. A Palin loyalist abandoned ship, a reader nominated her as the defining moment our politics became decadent, and Michelle Bachmann schooled her in political maneuvering. Herman Cain appeased white tea partiers on race, Pawlenty's (economics) and jokes bombed, the GOP excluded Gary Johnson from the debate, and Romney as the frontrunner still lagged behind.

Readers reacted to the bearded man behind the "gay" "girl" in "Damascus," and we parsed the implications for real gay bloggers in the Middle East. Libyan revolutionaries just wanted bureaucracy, Egypt didn't want elections, and as troops come home, the number of contractors will likely increase.

Laura Kipnis psychoanalyzed Weiner, we loved to kick the powerful when they're down, and Andrew chalked it up to "texting while male." We crossed our fingers for marriage equality in New York, Virginia Postrel tackled the lightbulb ban, and Ezra Klein asked what it would take to end the war on drugs. We pondered how keeping bodies alive has become the default mode of end of life care in America, and assessed the power of preschool. David Sirota popped the Groupon bubble, over-fishing messed with the oceans beyond repair, and old people hijacked jobs from young people. We took a bad trip down memory lane, and a star was born.

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