Dissents Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 14 2011 @ 3:40pm

A reader writes:

I don't know what to make of excusing Weiner for "just" texting while male. I'm a straight male with a very healthy sexual drive, and much of what your last reader wrote (regarding the gap between male and female understanding of the male sex drive) rings true. And yet I just can't agree that that has anything to do with Weiner. Most of us have sexual urges, even strong ones. But just as your reader suppresses his urge to be open about his sexual life to his therapist because he thinks it will be judged inappropriate, so most of us adults suppress the urge to act on every impulse. To say that Weiner texted because he is a male with a sex drive is only half the story. He texted because he is a male with a sex drive who also was incapable of restraining himself from doing something that he knew would be judged wrong and inappropriate.


Are men helpless against their sexual urges, i.e. repeatedly tweeting body parts to various constituents knowing (1) that nothing on the Internet is private; (2) the political media is voracious; (3) the Republican party is vicious; and, lastly (4) you have a gorgeous pregnant wife at home?  Oh, and btw, he was tweeting non-sexual messages to one constituent and sent a picture of his crotch to her as a "joke."  Congressman Weiner has made one of the most idiotic political mistakes imaginable, yet he's a victim of "American puritanism"?  Okay.


Really? How about "texting while a male adolescent." Or, "texting while a male idiot who has forgotten he holds office." I think you are raining calumny on adult men with even average-sized superegos who understand basically that 1) women don't actually get turned on by this sort of thing; 2) wives will always find out; 3) holding public office means you have to behave a little better than most because you are being watched more closely than most; 4) there are still a lot of puritans out there and they vote.

Reckless. Narcissistic in the extreme. Both of which make him unfit for office IMHO. If he is this dumb about how his behavior looks, what else is he dumb about?

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